Blizzard and WoW: Not giving a shit since 2004!

Mar 15

Well now, it appears that in the latest WoW update (v8.1.5) the devs at Blizzard are once again making changes that are completely unnecessary and telling us that it’s what we want and is for our own good. Among many changes, including adding new content (which is good), the devs are removing many if not all of the portals that we the players have been using to get around. And yes, I know that they are putting a bunch of new ones back in, in the major cites (like Stormwind and Orgrimmar), but why dammit? Why take away the portals at the panda shrine for example, that¬† you gave us to help us get around, just to move them someplace else? Now there really isn’t any reason to even go to the shrine unless you are questing there. But more to my point, if it ain’t broke, why do you keep trying (and failing) to fix it? Just like the time you removed 13 of my hunter abilities because of fucking “button bloat” … ruining my character. You have dumbed down the game to a point where it’s absolutely no fun to play. It’s boring as hell now since you took all the fun out of it. I played for years, putting up with the bullshit and then had enough and quit for a couple years. I much prefer Star Wars: The Old Republic anyways. But feeling nostalgic, I came back to WoW to try it out again, see what was new and good. You know what I found? Nothing was new or good. Instead of taking away portals and making bullshit changes, update the graphics maybe??? Anyway, it’s too much for me (again) and I’m out for good this time. I’ll play Star Wars and forget about WoW man.¬†

By the way, you can read more about the update(s) here.

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