May 18

Anyone that comes to this site will know and see that I dislike “Sovereign Citizens”, those people who think that they are entitled to all of the perks and benefits of being a citizen but without having to follow any of the laws or rules. Anyone with at least one functioning brain cell will realize that this is an insane stance or argument. Mainly though, I’d like to address something that I have seen, and that is the use of the term “Sovtard”, which I guess is supposed to associate “Sovereign Citizens” with those who are mentally challenged. I’d like to make it known that making such an association is offensive to those who do happen to be mentally challenged in some way. After all, “Sovereign Citizens” make the choice to be morons and imbeciles. Not that mentally challenged people are, I’m not saying that. However, “Sovereign Citizens” are morons and imbeciles.

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And the world keeps making better idiots …

Apr 10

The lady in this video is one of the stupidest, most idiotic and moronic people I have ever seen. Pulled over for not using a turn signal, she could have just handed over her ID and been done in just a few minutes. However, she decides to yell, scream, go crazy and call friends to get lawcabulary to spew at the officers and her boyfriend. This girl, because she sure as hell ain’t a woman, is a nutjob and has absolutely no clue how life works. Basically, something doesn’t go her way, so she gets mad. Pick another chick Randy! I mean seriously, there is something very wrong with this person. The video is pretty entertaining.

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Why are people such self-centered assholes?

Apr 06

I’ve been around to many parts of this country, and I’ve observed a lot of people, and one of the biggest things in common that I have seen are that the majority of the people in this world are self-centered, arrogant, assholes. If all of us human beings on this planet would just be nice to each other, the amount of problems in the world would drop considerably. Imagine if things like war, poverty, political feuds and so much more just went away. Simply because we all started being nice people that looked out for others as much as or more than we do ourselves. But no, most people today think that they are the center of the universe, that they are better than everyone else, and everyone should treat them in a special manner. And we wonder why society is imploding, LoL. Here’s a nice example, and the video that made me write this post. If the driver had just been a decent human being and cooperated as he should have, this whole thing would have been over much quicker and without wasting so many people’s time:

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Sovereign Citizens and Seat Belt Lawyers

Apr 03

Sovereign Citizen IDI love how Sovereign Citizens and seat belt lawyers think that the law does not apply to them when they don’t want it to, like when they are being charged with or investigated about a crime. However, when it seems to be in their interest, then the law does apply! Things like “You have to give me your name and badge number officer” or “the law states that you must supply me with three forms of ID before I can talk to you”, and more. Then the law applies, but not when the police officer asks to see their driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Then it’s “under the blah blah amendment you have no right to this and that”. It’s ludicrous that these morons actually think they will get away with this stuff. This is such good material, that I’m going to start collecting my favorite Sovereign Citizen and Asshole Driver videos and other stories and putting them up for everyone to enjoy. Check out the Sovereign page for more good stuff!

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Blizzard and WoW: Not giving a shit since 2004!

Mar 15

Well now, it appears that in the latest WoW update (v8.1.5) the devs at Blizzard are once again making changes that are completely unnecessary and telling us that it’s what we want and is for our own good. Among many changes, including adding new content (which is good), the devs are removing many if not all of the portals that we the players have been using to get around. And yes, I know that they are putting a bunch of new ones back in, in the major cites (like Stormwind and Orgrimmar), but why dammit? Why take away the portals at the panda shrine for example, that  you gave us to help us get around, just to move them someplace else? Now there really isn’t any reason to even go to the shrine unless you are questing there. But more to my point, if it ain’t broke, why do you keep trying (and failing) to fix it? Just like the time you removed 13 of my hunter abilities because of fucking “button bloat” … ruining my character. You have dumbed down the game to a point where it’s absolutely no fun to play. It’s boring as hell now since you took all the fun out of it. I played for years, putting up with the bullshit and then had enough and quit for a couple years. I much prefer Star Wars: The Old Republic anyways. But feeling nostalgic, I came back to WoW to try it out again, see what was new and good. You know what I found? Nothing was new or good. Instead of taking away portals and making bullshit changes, update the graphics maybe??? Anyway, it’s too much for me (again) and I’m out for good this time. I’ll play Star Wars and forget about WoW man. 

By the way, you can read more about the update(s) here.

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