Why are people such self-centered assholes?

Apr 06

I’ve been around to many parts of this country, and I’ve observed a lot of people, and one of the biggest things in common that I have seen are that the majority of the people in this world are self-centered, arrogant, assholes. If all of us human beings on this planet would just be nice to each other, the amount of problems in the world would drop considerably. Imagine if things like war, poverty, political feuds and so much more just went away. Simply because we all started being nice people that looked out for others as much as or more than we do ourselves. But no, most people today think that they are the center of the universe, that they are better than everyone else, and everyone should treat them in a special manner. And we wonder why society is imploding, LoL. Here’s a nice example, and the video that made me write this post. If the driver had just been a decent human being and cooperated as he should have, this whole thing would have been over much quicker and without wasting so many people’s time:

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