Dragon Age: Origins – Console Cheats

May 25

One of my favorite games of all time is the Dragon Age series, specifically Dragon Age: Origins. Lately I’ve been playing through it again in different ways and decided to see if there were any good cheats out there that might make things interesting. I’ve put together a list of what I found for you, and how to setup the console so you can use them.

OK, first we need to enable the dev console so that you can enter the codes. If you are playing on Steam simply right click the game title in your Games List. Choose Properties, then Set Launch Options. Then enter -enabledeveloperconsole in the box provided.

If you have the game installed standalone, make a shortcut on your desktop to the file “daorigins.exe”, usually (Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe). Then right click the shortcut and choose properties, and under Target add -enabledeveloperconsole (after daorigins.exe) so the end of the line looks like “daorigins.exe -enabledeveloperconsole” (without the quotes! 8])

Now, we have to bind a key to use to actually open the console. So, find the file “keybindings.ini”, usually located in “My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\” and find the line “OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_GRAVE”. The “Button_GRAVE” is the part we need to change, make the GRAVE part whatever key you want to use (preferrably one that’s not already in use). For example, I chose L, so mine looks like this: “Button_L”, or to be more complete, the entire line is “OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_L”. Now save the file, and start the game as usual from Steam or with the shortcut you created on your desktop.

Once you are in the game, you press the key that you chose and then type the whatever codes you want to use: (Note: you may not actually see the console or what you are typing, but this is normal), and then hit enter once the code is typed in.

Code Effect
runscript zz_addparty NPCname Add a party member by name.
runscript zz_addapproval X YY Add to a companion’s approval rating, X = companion, YY = amount.
runscript zz_add_skills3 Adds 3 Skill Points. They will become visible after saving and reloading the game.
runscript cheater Adds all achievements to your player profile.
runscript zz_starmetal_sword Adds both the 1H & 2H Starfang swords into the player’s inventory (must have the Warden’s Keep DLC).
runscript e3_addparty Adds Jory and Daveth to party.
runscript zz_party_addgifts Adds the following gifts to inventory: – Antivan Leather Boots, Dalish Gloves, Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet, Duncan’s Shield, Andraste’s Grace, Cute Nug.
runscript zz_party_addgifts Adds the plot sensitive party member gifts to your inventory.
runscript addtalent [number] Adds the talent or spell to your character corresponding to the number supplied.
runscript zz_set_trap Adds traps to inventory.
runscript zz_addparty Allows player to break the party companion limit.
runscript zz_camp_debug Allows you to set the plot flag for and start the camp ambush, as well as teleport to the first camp you make.
runscript zz_upgrade Brings up the Enchantment Menu.
runscript zz_deathblow Causes your character to animate a random finishing blow based on what weapon you have currently equipped.
runscript zz_givearmor Creates all Dragonbone Legion armor in the PC’s inventory.
runscript zz_createrunes Creates one of every rune type, as well as the Oathkeeper Sword in the PC’s inventory.
runscript zz_getparty Gathers all immediate party members.
runscript zz_supercrit player Gives the player 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity.
runscript dbg_setattrib [attrib] [value] Gives you a 180 second buff where [attrib] is a number from 1 to 6 (1 being str, 2 dex, etc. in order) and [value] is the amount by which you want the stat buffed.
runscript pc_immortal God Mode. ‘Nuff said!
runscript healplayer Heals player/party.
runscript zz_cli_debug Jumps you to the climax at redcliffe castle (use at your own risk).
runscript killallhostiles Kills all hostile creatures in area.
runscript bowlingforferelden Knocks back enemies and forms a shield around you.
runscript zz_char_creation Opens the character creator screen. Warning! This will override your game and you will lose all progress.
runscript chargen Opens origin screen.
runscript selectparty Party select screen.
runscript ai abilities 0 Perceived enemies can’t use special abilities.
runscript injury remparty Removes all injuries from party.
runscript injury remall Removes all injuries from self.
runscript zz_reveal_map Removes any ghosting from the map on your map screen.
runscript zz_dropparty Removes entire party.
runscript removetalent xxx Removes the talent with the ID = xxx from the character personal profile.
runscript levelparty ? Resets party level, stats, etc. Adds assorted items to inventory. Removes and destroys all equipped items.
runscript zz_dlc_debug Starts some Test Script which allows some modifications of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_arl_debug Starts the Arl Eamon Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript chargen 0 Starts the character generation interface.
runscript chargen 1 Starts the character level up interface.
runscript zz_cir_debug Starts the Circle of Magi Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_den_debug Starts the Denerim Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting around Denerim and the Landsmeet.
runscript zz_epi_debug Starts the Epilogue Debug and allows changing plot states and starting the epilogue immediately.
runscript zz_lot_debug Starts the Lothering Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_ntb_debug Starts the Nature of the Beast Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_orz_debug Starts the Paragon of her Kind Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_pre_debug Starts the Prelude Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_ran_debug Starts the Random Encounters Debug Helper Script which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_urn_debug Starts the Urn of Sacred Ashes which allows modification of plot states and teleporting.
runscript zz_wmp_debug Starts the World Map Debug Helper Script which allows altering the main plot states and finish any of the main quests immediately.
runscript zz_talk_nearest Talk to nearest NPC.
runscript zz_eurodemo_end Teleports player and party to Dalish Camp.
runscript zz_pre_strategy Teleports player and party to Duncan’s fire in Ostagar.
runscript zz_pre_demo2 Teleports player and party to Ostagar.
runscript zz_jump_around Teleports you to random locations on the current map.
runscript zz_jump_around Teleports you to set teleport points on the current map.
runscript ai off Turns off the AI.
runscript ai on Turns on the AI.
runscript wizard Turns you into a Level 2 Mage.
runscript rogue Turns you into a level 2 Rogue.
runscript warrior Turns you into a Level 2 Warrior.
runscript zz_economizer Unequips all gear you’re wearing.
runscript zz_money X X is the amount of Copper you wish to add. 1000 is 1 Gold.
runscript addxp X X is the amount of XP you wish to add.
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Blizzard and WoW: Not giving a shit since 2004!

Mar 15

Well now, it appears that in the latest WoW update (v8.1.5) the devs at Blizzard are once again making changes that are completely unnecessary and telling us that it’s what we want and is for our own good. Among many changes, including adding new content (which is good), the devs are removing many if not all of the portals that we the players have been using to get around. And yes, I know that they are putting a bunch of new ones back in, in the major cites (like Stormwind and Orgrimmar), but why dammit? Why take away the portals at the panda shrine for example, that¬† you gave us to help us get around, just to move them someplace else? Now there really isn’t any reason to even go to the shrine unless you are questing there. But more to my point, if it ain’t broke, why do you keep trying (and failing) to fix it? Just like the time you removed 13 of my hunter abilities because of fucking “button bloat” … ruining my character. You have dumbed down the game to a point where it’s absolutely no fun to play. It’s boring as hell now since you took all the fun out of it. I played for years, putting up with the bullshit and then had enough and quit for a couple years. I much prefer Star Wars: The Old Republic anyways. But feeling nostalgic, I came back to WoW to try it out again, see what was new and good. You know what I found? Nothing was new or good. Instead of taking away portals and making bullshit changes, update the graphics maybe??? Anyway, it’s too much for me (again) and I’m out for good this time. I’ll play Star Wars and forget about WoW man.¬†

By the way, you can read more about the update(s) here.

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