Sovereign Citizens and Seat Belt Lawyers

Apr 03

Sovereign Citizen IDI love how Sovereign Citizens and seat belt lawyers think that the law does not apply to them when they don’t want it to, like when they are being charged with or investigated about a crime. However, when it seems to be in their interest, then the law does apply! Things like “You have to give me your name and badge number officer” or “the law states that you must supply me with three forms of ID before I can talk to you”, and more. Then the law applies, but not when the police officer asks to see their driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Then it’s “under the blah blah amendment you have no right to this and that”. It’s ludicrous that these morons actually think they will get away with this stuff. This is such good material, that I’m going to start collecting my favorite Sovereign Citizen and Asshole Driver videos and other stories and putting them up for everyone to enjoy. Check out the Sovereign page for more good stuff!

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