May 18

Anyone that comes to this site will know and see that I dislike “Sovereign Citizens”, those people who think that they are entitled to all of the perks and benefits of being a citizen but without having to follow any of the laws or rules. Anyone with at least one functioning brain cell will realize that this is an insane stance or argument. Mainly though, I’d like to address something that I have seen, and that is the use of the term “Sovtard”, which I guess is supposed to associate “Sovereign Citizens” with those who are mentally challenged. I’d like to make it known that making such an association is offensive to those who do happen to be mentally challenged in some way. After all, “Sovereign Citizens” make the choice to be morons and imbeciles. Not that mentally challenged people are, I’m not saying that. However, “Sovereign Citizens” are morons and imbeciles.

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